PatrolHawk™ G-1 GSM Alarm System Vcare® DIY Security System

      PatrolHawk G1 is a smart, simple DIY alarm system. Users can finish setup 

and installation by following the manuals provided

  The advanced design makes it suitable for any type of residence 

or spaces and will put you at ease regarding your safety.

  The system has passed relevant testing, including CE and ROHS. 

The product is of great quality and its stable working performance 

garnered praise from users.Due to its stable working performance, 

the demand for G1 has increased, allowing for us to sell it at 

an affordable price.

  The most competitive price for users. As stable working 

performance and it has won good sales, so we can mass 

produce it to reduce the production cost, the saved cost will 

feedback to our users.

Advanced Features: 

 Built-in GSM antenna, support quad band GSM suitable for 

 global users. This is an absolutely wireless home alarm-

 system based on GSM 900/1800/850/1900MHz wireless 

 network with internal auto dialer, that will call up to 3 pre-

 programmed alarm phone numbers.

 iOS application and Android application operate, let the security 

 at your fingertip. You may download the mobile app for free.

 For iOS and Android, available on our website, Apple store and 

 Google Play. It is easy and convenient to use.

  Vcare 3 is a smart home security hub which combines an all in one intruder alarm system including security camera, panic alarm, SOS service and fire alarm. It transmits alarm information through WiFi and GSM/GPRS dual-network in a fast, safe and simple way.

  Vcare gives you complete control over your premises. Its benefits starting from distance monitoring, having 355 degree live footage using an internal PTZ camera, voice and sound from both ways allowing flawless conversation, excellent SOS service just at one click, automatic humidity and temperature update of your home and a lot more.

This wonderful technology contributes to a happier, safe and smarter life while taking us to the future. 


WiFi and GSM/GPRS Dual-Network transmitting

     868MHz, two-way digital transmission

     99 smart sensors, 4 water sensors, 30 fire/gas detectors, 24 smart sockets

     Manageable by Alarm Monitoring System (CMS)

     2 Wired zones and 1 external wired siren