Biometric and Access Control Solutions


ZKTeco Ma-300

 -Weather Proof Fingerprint Access Control 

 with Time Attendance

 -LED indicator display 

 -Fingerprint Sensor

 -Fingerprint Sensor

 -USB Interface

 -TCP/ IP Interface

 -Management card


DH – C5 Time Attendance Biometrics

 -12v DC input

 -Fingerprint capacity 600

 -3 inches LCD TFT

 -Management record capacity 1,000

 -Storage capacity 60,000

 -Dimensions 200x140x52mm

 -Record speed less than 1 second

 -Communication USB port, U – disk and RS485

 -Identification mode fingerprint and password

 -Exported by U – disk as an Excel file


 ZKTeco iFace

 -3 Inch Touch Screen

 -Face Capacity   1500

 -Fingerprint Capacity   2000 (optional 5000)

 -Records Capacity   100,000

 -Communication    TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host

 -Access Control

 -Wigand Signal Wigand in and out

 -Optional Functions ID Card, Mi-fare card.

 -Power Supply 12V/3A


 ZKTeco X6

 -Storage capacity 200 fingerprints templates and 

       500 RFID cards.

 -Weigand ports output any bits

 -Dimensions 88x88x33 mm

 -Access control interface

 -Password capacity up to 8 groups

 -Compact and lightweight design


ZKTeco F7

 -Access control function with third party electronic  

       locks etc.

 -Produces excel file for time and attendance via      


 -Fingerprint capacity 2,200 templates

 -Sensor ZK opticalty 50,000

 -Sensor ZK optical

 -Communication RS232/ 485/ TCP/IP

 -12v DC 3A power

 -Dimension 90x190x39mm



 -Strong Zinc Alloy electroplated anti-vandalized

        case backlit keypad.     

 -Mifare/EM Access controller

 -Capacity 2000 support cards and PIN

 -Capacity 2000 support cards and PIN

 -Max distance 3-6cm

 -Built in buzzer

 -Light Dependent Resistor for anti-tamper

 -Dimensions 120x56x18(mm)




Accessories for your Access Control Solution

    Power Supply (input 220V ~ out12V  @3amps.)

    Release Button 

    Magnetic Lock (12v ~ up to 600lbs. or 273Kg.)

    Brackets (L/Z/U)