Point-Of-Sale System


Customizable food items, and groupings
   “Open Food” and “Open Beverage” function     included
   Supports additional predefined amount per item for room services
   Customizable additional charges
   Supports “fixed” and “by percentage” charges
   Customizable types of discounts
   Supports “fixed” and “by percentage” discounts
   Three levels of Accessibility ( Cashier, Supervisor,  Administrator )
   Records cashier’s login date and time as well as    logoff date and time.
   Records cancelled orders 

   Cash – for all customers paying in cash
   Credit Card – for all customers paying via credit  card
   Guest Ledger – for hotel dine-in guests whose bills   are charged to their room
   Room Service – for hotel guest asking for room  service and charged to their room
   Meal coupons – for complimentary meals from the hotel 

Sales summary report 

– Total revenue
– Total checks (transactions)
– Total cover
– Average check (transactions)
– Total discounts
– Total VAT
– Total service charge
– Total food sales
– Total beverage sales
– Total cash, credit card, Managers’ check sales
– Unposted items list
– Cashier’s transactions
– Credit card sales report (Summary/Detailed)
– Cash sales report (Summary/Detailed)
– Sales on account sales report (Summary/Detailed)
– Discounts reports (Summary/Detailed)
– Order cancellation report
– Hourly sales report
– Item ranking report
– Food sales report (by category)
– Beverage sales report (by category)
– Void receipts