MATRIX® Biometric Access Control


    Productivity of any enterprise depends on its effectiveness in having the right people in the right place at the right time. Besides, physical security over past decades has become increasingly more difficult for organizations. These two seemingly contradictory requirements lead to challenges in finding optimum balance between productivity and security. They are inherently human oriented, complex and challenging to automate. With respect to Access Control, security depends on having the right answers to Who, What, Where and When. Defining, controlling and monitoring entries and exits at each site, zone, floor, area and location is of utmost importance. No two organizations have identical attendance and leave policies. Some organizations may follow different timings and holidays for its different facilities like corporate office, factory and branch offices.

Matrix COSEC is an enterprise-grade People Mobility Management solution for organizations covering Time-Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Management, Employee Self Service Portal, Cafeteria Management, Field Visit Management, Contract Workers Management & Job Processing and Costing. Our Access Control and Time-Attendance solution helps bolster security and efficient workforce management.

All in all, Matrix COSEC is a flexible, modular and scalable solution designed for large, medium and small enterprises.


  • Control Access based on User, Zone and Time
  • Palm Vein and Multispectral Biometric Fingerprint Access Control
  • Secure Sensitive Areas with Advanced Access Control Features
  • IP based Architecture to Enhance Reliability and Scalability
  • Centralized Monitoring and Control of Multiple Devices and Locations
  • Get Real-time Notification on Exceptions
  • Integrate Fire Alarm and other Devices for better Safety and Security


    User, Zone and Time based Access Control

    There are instances where in an unauthorized person punches for access. Fingerprint Access Control is the most widely used solution across corporates to restrict unauthorized access. To restrict unauthorized access, Access Zone is a predefined physical area for which specific access policies are required. Matrix-COSEC controls who(user) goes where (access zone) and when(time) for each Access Zone. Using this feature, employee of one department can be restricted from entering another department. Similarly, time based access policies can be assigned to a zone. etc.

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