Asset Management System


   Manage property, asset and supplier Tight security over access and control Can handle multi-site management Tracking of asset location, borrower, date and time Audit trail feature that can monitor of user log in and activities Auto-compute depreciation expense Automatically Generated Report exported to Microsoft Excel Customizable Application according to the company's requirements  

Key Features


  •  Asset ID/Item ID
  •  Description 
  •  Class 
  •  Location 
  •  Assigned to Department Serial no. 
  •  Date acquired 
  •  Supplier 
  •  Status 
  •  Disposed assets 
  •  Activities (item movement) 
  •  Acquired 
  •  Disposed 
  •  Transferred 


  •  Asset Listing per per person 
  •  Asset listing per department 
  •  Asset listing per location 
  •  Acquisition per date 
  •  Acquisition per date 
  •  Acquisition per class