Document Accountability Tracking System (DATS)

  1.Encode initial document processing at the Records Section;

   2. After encoding, system automatically generates a unique tracking number (TN) for document that must be   printed and stuck to the document’s front page;

   3. Records section personnel also inputs data such as sender info, document type(checklist), target division, action choices (checklist), processing time frame is automatically assigned (5 or 15 days) depending on doc type; 

   4. At next stop, personnel already logged into the system simply encodes doc TN number, lets Head of the Agency, Division Head or Section Head input instructions before passing it on to its next stop. This is in addition to actions required checklist;

   5. Each stop simply encodes TN, hence, courier must personally see this process before leaving. Server puts date and time stamp on TN number at each stop;

   6. Decision Maker Windows desktop must show a visual alert for document/s that have exceeded their preset timeframes;

   7. Head of the Agency may print the status of any document using other search keys aside from its TN number;

   8. Head of the Agency, Division Head and Section Head may view list of all documents that may be filtered in multiple ways e.g. all pending docs, all docs by date, all lapsed docs, etc.

   9. Agency receives approximately 20,000 docs per year.